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Environment, Social and Governance

Our ESG Strategy demonstrates how we respond, commit, and disclose our actions. These actions aim to mitigate impact on global climate and social challenges that influence everyday UK real estate decisions

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Our People

We influence people by striving for long term satisfaction, comfort, and health of our employees, community, occupants.

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Our Resilience

We influence resilience by delivering trust, transparency and quality to our clients, investors, and partners.

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Our Planet

We influence our planet by monitoring resource consumption, emission contributions and ecological enhancement.

Whilst our ESG strategy is ultimately governed by Artemis Interiors Services Ltd., we have a dedicated ESG committee that meet monthly to oversee the implementation and monitoring of our policies, strategies, and targets. Our ESG Strategy is integrated into our business structure and supply chain to ensure impact is felt across our three pillars.

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Artemis Interiors ESG Committee
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Artemis Interiors

ESG Strategy 2023

Our Home

Our office and employees.

Our Buildings

The spaces that we retrofit, and people working within it.

Our Community

Building neighbours and stakeholders, as well as the
wider community of the locations that we work in.

Read the ESG Strategy here.

Our ESG Roadmap


  • Finalise our ESG Strategy
  • Select a dedicated health and wellbeing representitive

January 2024

  • Publish our ESG Strategy
  • Begin GHG emission data collection for 2023
  • Complete employee ESG questionnaire
  • Set annual philanthropic targets
  • Revise supply chain processes and questionnaire


  • Implement feedback from emplovee ESG questionnaire
  • Implement a corporate operational waste strategy

MARCH 2024

  • Implement an employee health and wellbeing policy
  • Submit 01 ESG report to employees

APRIL 2024

  • Report on GHG emissions
  • Set a GHG emission target for 2025
  • Enhance construction utility data efficiency

MAY 2024

  • Implement supplier ESG requirements

JUNE 2024

  • Global Wellness Day
  • International Men's Health Week
  • Submit Q2 ESG report to emplovees

JULY 2024

  • Review the WELL standard for our office


  • Provide ESG specific training to all employees
  • Artemis volunteering days


  • Submit Q3 ESG report to emplovees


  • World Mental Health Day
  • Conduct employee mental health training


  • Detail a Net Zero roadmap for our corporate activities


  • Submit 04 ESG report to employees

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Read the ESG Strategy
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